HSE Specialist HSE专员

02_Young Professionals (technical)


Your Roles & Responsibilities:

1.    Provide overall operational HSE leadership for MAHLE MHC Shanghai (MAT and MHC, BMTS).

2.    Sponsor HSE management system and champion continuous improvement of HSE Programs, procedures and tools to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements.

3.    Develop and maintain HSE programs consistent with ISO14001, ISO45001 and MAHLE requirement.

4.    Contact with local government agency and handling HSE matter including permits and reporting.

5.    Complete HSE risks assessment and risk reduction program.

6.    Identify, coordinate and complete of all HSE Regulatory training.

7.    Drive HSE compliance and provide technical and regulatory support to operation’s team.

8.    Utilize leadership skills to engage leadership team/supervisors/line leaders and shop floor employees to increase levels of HSE performance.

9.    Lead and cultivate an HSE culture within the business while advocating to customers and general industries

10.   Lead HSE emergency management to make sure the emergency team and procedure are ready.

11.   Manage Injury & Illness cases, introduce and monitor programs for corrective action.

12.   Manage occupational health program, including industrial hygiene monitoring and employee occupational health check.

13.   Implement chemical management, hazard waste management.

14.   Develop an audit & inspection program, ensure audit findings identified and closed within business timeframe.


1. 为上海马勒MHC (MAT和MHC, BMTS)提供整体运营的HSE领导。

2. 倡导HSE管理体系,倡导持续改进HSE程序、程序和工具,以确保完全符合法规要求。

3. 制定并维护符合ISO14001, ISO45001和MAHLE要求的HSE计划。

4. 与当地政府机构联系,处理HSE事宜,包括许可证和报告。

5. 完成HSE风险评估和风险降低程序。

6. 识别、协调和完成所有HSE监管培训。

7. 推动HSE合规,并为运营团队提供技术和法规支持。

8. 运用领导技能与领导团队/主管/生产线领导和车间员工合作,提高HSE绩效水平。

9. 在向客户和一般行业宣传的同时,领导和培养业务内的HSE文化

10. 领导HSE应急管理,确保应急小组和程序准备就绪。

11. 管理工伤和疾病案例,引入并监督纠正措施。

12. 管理职业健康计划,包括工业卫生监测和员工职业健康检查。

13. 实施化学品管理、危险废物管理。

14. 制定审核和检查计划,确保审核发现并在规定的时间内完成。

Your Skill & Requirements

1.    Strong understanding of laws and regulations with regard to HSE;

2.    Have experience in ISO14001 and ISO45001.

3.    Excellent communication skills;

4.    Must be comfortable working in a cross-functional diverse environment

5.    Fluent in English and Chinese mandarin.

6.    Strong communication, influence and interpersonal skills

7.    At least 3 years HSE management experiences.

8.    University graduate with HSE or technical background.


1. 对HSE相关法律法规有较强的理解;

2. 有ISO14001和ISO45001的工作经验;

3. 优秀的沟通技巧;

4. 必须适应在跨职能多元化的环境中工作;

5. 流利的英语和汉语普通话;

6. 较强的沟通、影响力和人际交往能力;

7. 3年以上HSE管理经验;

8. 大学毕业,具有HSE或技术背景。




 Closing Date: [[2022/10/30]] I Weekly Working Hours: [[40]] I  Salary: [[Negotiate]]   



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Facts about the job

Entry level:  Experienced hires
Functional area:  Human Resources

Shanghai, CN

Company:  MAHLE Holding (China) Co., Ltd.

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