SAP Operations Specialist-SD&MM



The SAP Operations Specialist will play an important role in ensuring smooth day to day operations of MAHLE’s activities on ERP SAP procurement, sales and logistics.

Responsibilities will include ticket completing, dispatch and tracking, monitoring of batch-jobs, interfaces between the ERP and other solutions used by the company.

SAP运营专员将在确保马勒ERP SAP采购、销售和物流的日常顺利运作方面发挥重要作用。



Your Roles & Responsibilities:

  • 2nd line support in SAP SD and MM module
  • Ticket analysis, dispatch, and resolution according to the Service Level Agreement in the ticket tool
  • Evaluating (in the first instance) the impact of defects and problems
  • Preparing technical documentation and reports related to the issues fixing process
  • Evaluating of the right methods of issues fixing
  • Participating in system upgrades and functional enhancements
  • Unit testing, integration testing during system upgrades
  • Performing SAP SD/MM ABAP debugging
  • Participate in training and knowledge exchange activities with users or other IT SAP areas to extend own knowledge and others
  • Participate in Business or IT global or local team meetings
  • Close collaboration inside the global team as well as team overlapping (other SAP modules and the Operations Support Team) and to our internal Customers in an international environment
  • You ensure that required data is available for use by those carrying out investigations and ensuring that actions are correct
  • Follow MAHLE rules, policies, and guidelines.
  • Overtime as needed.
  • Other duties may be assigned
  • SAP SDMM模块中支持第二行
  • 根据票务工具中的服务水平协议对票务进行分析、调度和解决
  • 评估(在第一个实例中)缺陷和问题的影响
  • 准备与问题修复过程相关的技术文档和报告
  • 评估解决问题的正确方法
  • 参与系统升级和功能增强
  • 系统升级时的单元测试、集成测试
  • 执行SAP SD/MM ABAP调试
  • 参加与用户或其他IT SAP领域的培训和知识交流活动,以扩展自己和他人的知识
  • 参加业务或IT全球或本地团队会议
  • 在国际环境中与全球团队紧密合作,并与团队重叠(其他SAP模块和运营支持团队)以及内部客户紧密合作
  • 确保所需的数据可供进行调查的人员使用,并确保行动正确
  • 遵循马勒规则、政策和指导方针。
  • 根据需要加班。
  • 可能会被分配其他职责


Your Skill & Requirements

  • Bachelor or Master degree on information systems/ computer science or related
  • Minimum of 3 years of professional knowledge in SAP SD and MM technical support
  • 3+ years in similar position (Automotive Industry) preferred
  • Experience in work based on ticket system
  • Understanding of outbound and inbound logistics processes in ERP
  • Experience with ABAP, IDOCS and common SAP interface technology is preferred
  • Experience in BATCH Jobs monitoring and analysis
  • Ability and willingness to provide knowledge transfer to others
  • Excellent English
  • Structured, analytic, strategic, and self-dependent operation
  • High commitment to work and ability for teamwork
  • Intercultural competencies
  • Self-motivated, customer-oriented, and detail-oriented
  • Willingness to travel
  • Self-motivated, customer-oriented, and detail-oriented
  • Experience with S/4HANA would be an asset
  • Strong interpersonal & communication skills. Ability to work independent and deal with peaks of stress. Enjoy team working in international environment.
  • 本科或硕士学历,信息系统/计算机科学或相关专业
  • 3年以上SAP SD和MM技术支持方面的专业知识
  • 3年以上相关工作经验(汽车行业)优先
  • 有基于票证系统的工作经验
  • 了解ERP中的出库和入库物流流程
  • 有ABAP, IDOCS和通用SAP接口技术经验者优先
  • 具有批处理作业监控和分析经验
  • 有能力和意愿将知识传递给他人
  • 优秀的英语
  • 有条理的、分析性的、战略性的、独立的操作
  • 高度的工作责任感和团队合作能力
  • 跨文化能力
  • 自我激励,以客户为导向,注重细节
  • 愿意出差
  • 自我激励,以客户为导向,注重细节
  • 有S/4HANA经验者优先
  • 良好的人际关系和沟通能力。能够独立工作和应对压力高峰。喜欢在国际环境中进行团队合作。




截止日期: [[2023/12/30]] I 每周工作时间: [[40]] I  薪资: [[Negotiate]]   




   [[Phone: +86 21 6758-5380]] 





入门级:  ??????
职能类别:  信息技术

Shanghai, CN

法人实体:  MAHLE Holding (CN)