MORE-SAP Regional Deployment Team Lead

04_Professionals (technical)
BU1 Engine Systems and Components


Your Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for an efficient and smooth transformation phase on a deployment cluster level
  • Coordination of a specific Deployment Team with dedicated site(s) focus with regards to Change Management, Training, Testing, Data cleansing and Data Migration activities
  • Responsible for an efficient and smooth implementation phase
  • Actively manage occurring risks and issues
  • Coordination of all relevant organizational interfaces between within the dedicated Deployment Team
  • He/she will be strongly supported by respective RPSs and further support capabilities with high regional knowledge
  • Support of adaptation of migration tasks according to global migration plan
  • Support of dedicated regional change management and communication processes to support local/site(s) change and communication strategy based on regional hub change plans


  • 负责部署集群级别的高效、平稳转型阶段
  • 在变更管理、培训、测试、数据清理和数据迁移活动方面,协调特定部署团队和专门的现场重点
  • 负责高效顺利的实施阶段
  • 积极管理发生的风险和问题
  • 协调专用部署团队内部的所有相关组织接口
  • /她将得到各自RPS的大力支持,并具有高度区域知识的进一步支持能力
  • 支持根据全球移徙计划调整移徙任务
  • 支持专门的区域变革管理和沟通流程,以支持基于区域枢纽变革计划的本地/现场变革和沟通策略

Your Skill & Requirements

  • University degree in a technical or commercial field of study
  • Profound professional experience as well as several years of experience in a functional or disciplinary leadership position
  • Deep understanding of the underlying values of the global MAHLE organization
  • Strong coordination and leadership skills
  • Experience in project management on an international level
  • Solid understanding of cross-functional processes incl. the respective implementation in SAP systems, ideally in S/4 Hana
  • Very good communication skills and team spirit
  • Structured, solution-oriented and proactive way of working
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Willingness to travel internationally within Asia


  • 技术或商业研究领域的大学学位
  • 丰富的专业经验以及在职能或纪律领导职位上的几年经验
  • 深入了解全球MAHLE组织的基本价值观
  • 较强的协调和领导能力
  • 国际级项目管理经验
  • 扎实理解跨职能流程,包括SAP系统中的各个实施,最好是在S/4 Hana
  • 良好的沟通技巧和团队精神
  • 结构化、面向解决方案和积极主动的工作方式
  • 流利的英语口语和书面语
  • 愿意在亚洲境内进行国际旅行




 Closing Date: [[2023/5/31]] I Weekly Working Hours: [[40]] I  Salary: [[Negotiate]]   



  Do you have any questions?
   [[Phone: +86 21 6758-5380]] 





Facts about the job

Entry level:  Experienced hires
Part- / Full-time:  Full Time
Functional area:  IT

Shanghai, CN

Company:  MAHLE Automotive Technologies (China) Co. Ltd.

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