Head of Tax China 中国区税务主管

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Your Roles & Responsibilities

  • Review and responsible for the China tax compliance work of 18 entities including various tax filing纳税申报, CIT annual filing, TPD preparation, VAT export refund, etc.
  • 审核并负责18家单位的中国税务合规工作,包括各类纳税申报、企业所得税年度申报、TPD编制、增值税出口退税等

  • Responsible for China tax planning and advisory projects such as super deduction, BPO, HNTE, local subsidy application, share transfer, re-org, etc.
  • 负责超扣、商务流程外包、高新科技企业、地方补贴申请、股权转让、重组等中国税务筹划和咨询项目等

  • Responsible for China tax inspection, tax audit or any kinds of tax checks or tax information collection
  • 负责中国税务稽查、税务稽查或各类税务稽查、税务资料收集工作

  • Responsible for the China tax related questions raised internally within the group;
  • 负责集团内部提出的中国税务相关问题

  • Responsible for the payment to overseas under non-trade for China tax related part; 负责非贸易项下对境外支付的中国税务相关部分
  • Responsible for handling the relationship with local tax bureaus and external service providers, etc.
  • 负责处理与地方税务局、外部服务商等的关系

  • Responsible for working with global tax team for the tax projects China relevant part
  • 负责与全球税务团队合作完成中国税务项目的相关部分

  • Team building and management in China
  • 中国区内部团队建设和管理



Your Skills & Strengths

  • Above 10 years of working experiences 10年以上相关工作经验
  • Work for big 4 is the must and same scale of FIE before曾经有在四大和外商制造业工作过
  • Fluent in both oral and written English流利的英语口语和书写能力
  • Has strong sense of responsibilities and willing to travel责任心强,愿意出差
  • Be able to work as an individual contributor as well as leading a team既能独立工作,又能领导团队
  • Has good interpersonal/communication skills有良好的人际/沟通能力


工作地点:长春市朝阳区力旺广场 /上海奉贤


 Closing Date: [[2024/4/19]] I Weekly Working Hours: [[40h / Week]] I  Salary: [[Negotiate]]   



  Do you have any questions?
   [[+86 21 6758-5380]] 





Facts about the job

Entry level:  Experienced hires
Part- / Full-time:  Full Time
Functional area:  Finance Accounting & Controlling
Department:  Services

Shanghai, CN

Company:  MAHLE Holding (CN)

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