Asia Commodity Buyer-raw material

03_Professionals (commercial)

./51/LP  /Wuhan

Your Roles Responsibilities

  • Drive performance improvement of defined Commodity in Asia
  • Supplier management
  • Monitor supplier capabilities and market trends in Asia
  • Manage and align Supplier Panel with Global Lead Buyer
  • Join supplier nomination of key projects
  • Conduct annual supplier negotiation to achieve saving target
  • Promote supplier transfer to LCC
  • Project works
  • Take Supply Chain Risk management
  • Follow Contract Management guideline
  • Develop Material Purchasing strategies
  • Support new project launch in Asia
  • Support escalations from other functions like Plant, Supplier Quality, Logistics, etc.
  • Other tasks from the superior
  • 推动亚洲地区指定商品的性能改进
  • 供应商管理
  • 监控亚洲的供应商能力和市场趋势
  • 管理和协调供应商小组与全球主要买家的关系
  • 参与重点项目的供应商提名
  • 进行年度供应商谈判,达成节约目标
  • 促进供应商向LCC的转移
  • 项目工作
  • 实施供应链风险管理
  • 遵守合同管理准则
  • 制定材料采购策略
  • 支持亚洲地区新项目的启动
  • 支持工厂、供应商质量、物流等部门的升级。
  • 上级安排的其他任务

Your Skills Strengths

  • Bachelor or above degree, Proficient English and Chinese
  • 3~10 years' working experience.
  • Deep knowledge of sourcing
  • Working knowledge of Commodity spend
  • Working knowledge of business systems (SAP procurement modules, e-procurement, e-sourcing etc.)
  • Experience in complex negotiations
  • Experience of working in complex matrix organizations
  • Strong problem-solving capability by utilizing automotive industry tools
  • Change management
  • Deep understanding supply market.
  • Awareness of the company business / corporate strategy
  • Good understanding of the appropriateness of different purchasing, project management, production requirement.
  • Working experience with Purchasing/supplier in other Asia countries is a plus
  • Positive attitude, logic thinking, open minded,
  • Accountable for result.
  • Effective communication skills
  • Team player by influencing peers and other colleagues
  • Intercultural sensitivity
  • People oriented behaviors
  • Problem solving in complex environment
  • Effective delegation to buyer in other countries
  • 本科及以上学历,中英文熟练
  • 3~10年工作经验。
  • 丰富的采购知识
  • 具备商品消费方面的知识
  • 具备业务系统的工作知识(SAP采购模块,电子采购,电子采购等)
  • 有复杂谈判的经验
  • 具有在复杂矩阵组织中工作的经验
  • 运用汽车行业工具解决问题的能力强
  • 变更管理
  • 深刻理解供应市场。
  • 了解公司业务/公司战略
  • 良好的理解不同采购,项目管理,生产要求的适当性。
  • 在亚洲其他国家有采购/供应商工作经验者优先
  • 积极的态度,逻辑思维,思想开放
  • 对结果负责。
  • 有效的沟通技巧
  • 通过影响同事和其他同事成为团队成员
  • 跨文化敏感性
  • 以人为本的行为
  • 在复杂环境中解决问题
  • 有效地向其他国家的买家进行委派
  • 以人为本的行为
  • 在复杂环境中解决问题
  • 有效地向其他国家的买家进行委派





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Facts about the job

Entry level:  Experienced hires
Part- / Full-time:  Full Time
Functional area:  Purchasing
Department:  Services

Shanghai, CN

Company:  MAHLE Autom. Techn. (CN)

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