Technical Expert Vehicle Powertrain Development Compliance

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PC04 Eng. Serv., Mot


  • Technical expert in conventional (internal combustion engineer “ICE”), hybrid, and battery electric vehicle powertrain systems development and regulatory compliance testing
  • Guide and develop the businesses technical strategy to successfully support conventional and electrified vehicle powertrain development needs (both light-duty and heavy-duty)
  • Proactively drive sales activities for LD&HD vehicle powertrain system development and certification projects as well as multi-function programs
  • Develop and maintain an exceptional external reputation within the industry through customer project delivery and public representation which includes peer reviewed technical papers and presentations at national and global conferences. As well as providing input regarding agency policy development at regulatory consortium meetings.
  • Track and report on industry trends associated with future regulations
  • Lead the technical delivery of large or multi-function projects with significant vehicle powertrain development and / or certification content in accordance with 40 CFR Part 86, 1036, 1037 and 1066 regulations
  • Research, develop and lead the implementation of innovative technical solutions for vehicle-level powertrain systems.  Such engineering projects will involve developing best practices and utilizing MPT’s chassis and powertrain test cells. MPT’s development resources are state-of-the-art and unique outside of OEMs in North America.
  • Interact with all relevant disciplines to ensure successful project delivery
  • Support personnel recruitment and train and develop personnel capabilities through technical mentoring
  • Responsible for delivery of vehicle-based development projects and for supporting the Development and Test dept in project execution


  • Provides MPT with expertise in all aspects of vehicle powertrain development and implementation including guidance and supervision of regulatory certification processes. This includes global consultancy as these vehicle capabilities expand within MPT global footprint

  • Utilizes specialized knowledge and skill sets to solve complex problems relating to light-duty and heavy-duty vehicle powertrain development including, but not limited to, performance, fuel economy, emissions, and drivability
  • Provides technical guidance to the engineering management and sales teams in vehicle powertrain development and testing
  • Instructs and teaches others to improve company personnel performance and technical abilities
  • Consults with the engineering teams on and is and responsible for approving powertrain and vehicle test plans, data quality checks and report preparations
  • Leads electrified powertrain research and development activities within the region
  • Leads, plans, and supervises the execution of powertrain and vehicle test programs with focuses ranging from ICE/hybrid/BEV powertrain calibration and development through vehicle integration, drivability
  • Drives a team-based approach that incorporates local and global MPT resources, as needed, to successfully deliver programs
  • Provides the technical leadership required to successfully deliver LD and HD powertrain system engineering programs that involve but are not limited to performance, drivability, emissions, fuel economy and electrification (P0 through P4 systems) development work
  • Analyzes complex engine, powertrain, and vehicle datasets to identify, interpret, and resolve issues pertaining to powertrain hardware, and systems configuration, aftertreatment hardware and systems configuration, powertrain control systems, vehicle performance, and testbed hardware and software configuration
  • Supports regulatory compliance activities within the development department, including process development and implementation, to ensure MPT’s alignment with 40 CFR Part 86, 600, 1036, 1037 and 1066 compliance criteria
  • Acts as a consult to management and staff members on testing and regulatory related matters related to 40 CFR Part 86, 1036, 1037 and 1066
  • Supports regulatory agency policy development through technical committees, conferences, and industry events to maintain understanding of current & future technology trends associated with the application regulatory policies
  • Develops an innovative road map for future high-value use cases and applications of MPT’s vehicle and powertrain test systems
  • Works with vehicle and powertrain test engineers to ensure that MPT provides a significant value-add to customer test programs
  • Develops and implements testing methodologies to enable efficient and effective development of performance, drivability and emissions systems of light-duty and heavy-duty vehicle powertrains
  • Creates business leads for development and wider multi-function project work by participating in industry and regulatory consortiums, working with existing MPT customer contacts, and establishing new industry contacts
  • Derives and implements internal initiatives as they relate to industry and sales needs
  • Derives unique and cost-effective solutions for executing customer and internal projects
  • Leads multi-function project proposals and reviews project proposals from other MPT team members
  • Provides input into the wider business strategy in the areas of IC engines, hybrids, FCEV and BEV’s
  • Prepares publications, technical reports, procedures, and presentations for both internal and external delivery
  • Manages the scope, timing and budget of all vehicle and powertrain test cell department projects
  • Confers with management and marketing staff to determine engineering feasibility, cost effectiveness, and customer demand for new and existing products
  • Observes all safety rules and regulations. Must act safely and be responsible for the safety of others around the work area
  • Maintains awareness of, and meet the requirements of the Company Quality System
  • Employee duties are not limited to those stated above, but are inclusive of any tasks assigned by supervisor/manager


  • Bachelor’s Degree in engineering or an engineering related field is requireD; Master’s Degree in related field - Preferred​​​​​​​
  • Minimum 10 years’ combined experience in powertrain and / or vehicle calibration roles
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience with projects requiring light duty powertrain / vehicle calibration and certification to EPA and CARB standards
  • Specialized knowledge in light duty and heavy-duty powertrain development testing procedures and equipment as well as calibration strategies and diagnostics
  • Detailed knowledge of vehicle powertrain systems and testing techniques
  • Knowledge of powertrain control systems principles & architectures, including the use of calibration tools and processes
  • Extensive knowledge of legislative requirements for LD and HD fuel economy and emissions included in 40 CFR Part 86, 1036, 1037 and 1066
  • Ability to coordinate teams and develop project execution plans
  • Confidence to communicate effectively at all levels both internally and with customers
  • Self-motivated with the drive to complete tasks in a timely manner with appropriate attention to detail
  • Advanced knowledge of electric drives, battery systems, spark ignited and compression ignited combustion systems as well as LD and HD drivelines (transmissions, axles, etc.)
  • Knowledge of advanced testbed development tools and techniques including vehicle simulation software




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Part- / Full-time:  Full Time
Functional area:  R&D

Plymouth, MI, US

Company:  MAHLE Powertrain LLC

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