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系统测试工程师 System Test Engineer

04_Professionals (technical)
BU4 Electronics & Mechatronics


Your Roles & Responsibilities


1.   负责电力电子及辅助电子产品的开发

Responsible for the development of Power electronics and auxiliary electronics products

2.   需求的定义和分析(需求工程)

Definition and analysis of requirements (requirements engineering)

3.   建立功能和物理架构和基于模型的系统工程(SysML)

Set up of functional and physical architecture and Model-based Systems Engineering (SysML)

4.   支持系统验证,系统集成和系统集成测试

Support System Validation, System Integration and System Integration Test  

5.   协调系统功能和特点的实现

Coordination of the implementation of the system functions and features  

6.   成熟度评估

Maturity assessment

7.   将任务/工作包分配给开发团队中的不同职能

Allocation of tasks/work packages to the different disciplines in the development team

8.   与硬件/软件/机械团队沟通

Interface with hardware/software/mechanics team

9.   可靠性管理,支持FMEA活动,功能和技术安全活动

Reliability management and Support of FMEA activities, Functional and Technical Safety activities

10.   根据成本和制造进行设计

Design to cost and for manufacturing

11.   作为一个设计工程师,领导和管理项目的时间安排和问题的解决

Work as a design engineer to lead and manage the project timing and issue trouble shooting


Your Skills & Strengths


1.   本科及以上学历控制工程/计算机科学/软件工程/汽车工程/电机控制/电气工程/机电一体化专业

Bachelor degree and above, major in Control Engineering / Computer Science /Software engineering /Automotive engineering / Motor controlling / Electrical Engineering/Mechatronics

2.   三年新能源汽车产品经验,如VCU/BMS/OBC/牵引逆变器

Three years’ experience of NEV products like VCU/BMS/OBC/Traction inverter……

3.   了解产品知识

Product Know how

4.   熟悉整个系统模块

Understanding of the complete system

5.   良好的英语口语及书面表达能力

Good English skill in verbal and written

6.   系统、硬件、软件等能力均可

Competencies like system, hardware, software are all OK


 Closing Date: 40     Weekly Working Hours: 40       Salary: Negotiable   



  Do you have any questions?  

    0512 52319591





Facts about the job

Entry level:  Experienced hires
Part- / Full-time:  Full Time
Functional area:  R&D - Electronics incl. software development
Department:  BU4 Electronics & Mechatronics

Changshu, CN

Company:  MAHLE Automotive Technologies Suzhou Co. Ltd.

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