Hardware Engineer

04_Professionals (technical)
BU4 Electronics & Mechatronics


Your Roles & Responsibilities:


1.   电源和信号放大器、转换器和滤波器的硬件开发

Hardware development of power and signal amplifiers, converters and filters

2.   根据V-Model, Automotive SPICE和汽车汽车软件功能安全实现硬件开发

Realization of hardware development according to V-Model, Automotive SPICE and Functional Safety

3.   支持和协调内部和外部的硬件开发

Support and coordination of internal and external partners for hardware development

4.   可靠性设计(电路最坏情况分析,暂态和稳态电路仿真,FMEA)

Design for reliability (circuit worst case analysis, transient and steady state circuit simulation, FMEA)

5.   成本分析和成本设计

Cost analysis and design to cost

6.   电子学的体系结构和原理图定义

Architecture and schematic definition of electronics

7.   从系统需求推导和分析硬件需求

Derive and analice HW Requirements from System

8.   设计制造和测试

Design for manufacture and test

9.   在开发过程中找出问题的根本原因和纠正措施

Find root cause and corrective actions to address the issues during development

10.  运用工程CAD/CAE工具进行设计分析和评估

Apply engineering CAD/CAE tools to perform design analysis and evaluation

11.   必要时在台架和车辆上验证和验证设计

Verify and validate designs on bench and in vehicle as necessary

12.   遵循工程设计流程和产品放行程序

Follow engineering design process and product release procedures

13.   为试生产和生产启动提供技术支持

Provide technical support to manufacturing during pilot run and production start-up


Your Skills & Strengths:


1.   本科以上学历,电气工程专业

Bachelor degree or above, major in Electrical Engineering

2.   三年OBC/牵引逆变器/VCU/BMS工作经验

Three years’ experience of OBC/Traction inverter/VCU/BMS……

3.   熟悉弱电流、逻辑电路、单片机外围电路,CAN通信

Familiar with weak current, logic circuit, SCM peripheral circuit, CAN communication

4.   具备英语读写能力,英语口语流利者优

English reading/writing is a must, fluent oral English is preferred


 Closing Date: 2024/12/31    Weekly Working Hours: 40      Salary: Negotiable 



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Facts about the job

Entry level:  Experienced hires
Part- / Full-time:  Full Time
Functional area:  R&D - Electronics incl. software development
Department:  BU4 Electronics & Mechatronics

Changshu, CN

Company:  MAHLE Autom. Techn.SZ(CN)

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